Change Your Act

…or go back to the woods


How much is a session?

A coaching or hypnosis session starts at £60 and will last about an hour and a quarter. 

How many sessions will I need?

Things like deleting phobias and changing how we feel about a memory may take one or two sessions. We can make some profound changes in just one session. More complex issues may take more. The work that we will do together is a collaboration and requires comittment from both of us. Hypnosis and coaching are brilliant tools to help you make changes that can last for the rest of your life.

I'm worried that I'll reveal my inner most secrets under hypnosis!

It really doesn't work like that. Most of the work we will do will be 'content free' meaning that you only ever share with me the things that you want to. Your secrects will remain as private as you want them to be. That dead body under your patio can stay there.

Does hypnosis really work?

Yes. It certainly does. Don't let the silly things you see on tv fool you, hypnosis is a great tool for changing the beliefs and patterns that you are holding on to and wish you weren't.

I've tried quitting smoking before, how will this time be different?

I only work with people who REALLY want to stop. If you aren't sure it's probably best you try something else. Hypnosis and coaching is proven to assist in helping you to stop but only if you are sure you've had enough! We can change your triggers and structures so that the very thought of smoking makes you feel sick! 

How can I pay you?

You can choose to pay in advance by bank transfer or on the day by cash or card. If you are paying cash then please have the correct money. Please let me know in advance how you'd like to pay.

What happens if I have to cancel?

I understand that life can sometimes get in the way. If you need to cancel please give 24hrs notice, if you don't you may be charged the session fee (I will probably have turned down another client to see you!).

I had hypnosis once before and it didn't work!

Sorry to hear that. There can be a lot of reasons why, from a lack of rapport with the therapist to a strong resistance to change. Rest assured that I will not offer to work with you unless I am confident that I can help.

There's nothing wrong with me, why do I need coaching?

If you are totally happy with every aspect of your job, your relationships, your bank balance, your stress levels, your confidence, the way you think, your habits and your feelings then you probably don't...

How does the free consultation work?

We can talk on the telephone or meet face to face, whatever you're most comfortable doing. I prefer to meet up face to face as then we can get to know each other before the real work starts. It also gives you a chance to decide whether I am the right therapist for you before you come for treatment.