Change Your Act

…or go back to the woods

About Me

John Cooper
Registered Hypnotherapist (GHR)
NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.

After a career as a professional actor in Theatre, Radio and Television, I moved into working with young people, developing an interest in helping people to change.  I trained in NLP and Hypnosis and have been working in this field ever since.

My speciality lies in creating positive futures with my clients. NLP contains some fantastic tools to help set goals and really wire them in to your unconcious mind. I spent years reading books on visualisng and manifesting, nothing ever worked until I studied NLP.

I am friendly in my style, honest and pragmatic. I like to make people laugh and love to help people make ecological and lasting changes to their lives.  I use advanced NLP techniques and hypnosis to help my clients get what they want.

I offer treatment at my home which is really close to New Cross Gate, Brockley and Nunhead stations. When you book an appointment I will send you the address and directions. There is free on street parking outside.

I like football and old sitcoms. I'm from County Durham and have been living in London for nearly twenty years. The fish and chips aren't as good down south but it's certainly warmer.